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About us

Hi you!
My name is Zoë and I am very proud to say that I am the owner of ZOËS.
I have always been interested in eyebrows, and I took my very first eyebrow course when I was 15, back in 2016.
With the experience I gained from this training, I started shaping and tinting eyebrows in my mother's lash salon.
In the meantime, I have completed my beautician training, where I learned more about different skin types and effective ingredients.
Together with my mother, I started researching the possibilities of fulfilling my dream in 2020, namely having my own webshop specialized in brows!
This dream became a reality on June 30, 2021, the day our website went live!
Entrepreneurship is in my blood! I got this from my mother, who owns Oh My Lash! & Wimperextensios Zwolle, where I treat the nicest customers and give training.
Meanwhile, I continued to follow training myself and expanded my treatments, including brow mapping, powder Brows, brow lamination, henna, hybrid dye, and airbrushed brows.
Now, I can proudly say that I work and give training with my own brand.
I hope you will be as happy with ZOËS as I am!